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I wished that you could keep the Teddybear slot opened after the other ones get locked again for that one I would play all the time my truly favorite because I love Teddybear's always have even as a grandma I will always love Teddybear's. Relax and enjoy the view overlooking our sparkling pool and tropical infinity casino.

Still playing this game. If you can't go to a real casino then just don't do it. I'm disgusted to see what games have became and I'm glad I was born in the super Mario era. Different ways to win! If it wasn't infinity casino all of their "brain work", behind these games, which is what is used, and what goes into them, this awesome graphic slot wouldn't exist! Plus, the picture of the women kept changing.

. The infinity buffet offers an endless selection of dishes, featuring All-You-Can-Eat Vegas Casino Slot Machines by Murka Entertainment Limited' (iOS, United.

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