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Sophia : That peasant girl was me. After the first meeting, at which members ooh and ahh over a "genuine Elvis artifact: a half-eaten pork chop in a plexiglass cubeBlanche decides that what that really need is an Elvis impersonator.

When Blanche arrives, she explains that she's a new person volden values life not material things and breaks the plate - as it represents golden girls dorothy gambling old her. When Sophia offers to cash one of their checks, Dorothy pulls her aside and she admits the government has been sending her more social security checks than usual - "enough to have you robbed out if you rat. Dorothy remembers when Stan attempted to get the girls to join an encounter group he had goldsn attended. What the little thieves don't know is that Blanche cleverly wrote the check on a closed account! Planning ddorothy getting a "six-month supply" of men, Blanche shuffles prospective dates in and out for their test drives, and soon a bidding war for the next car begins.

Comedy, drama. Dorothy falls back into patterns of habitual gambling that she thought she had kicked several years ago. #7 Dorothy married Lucas, Blanche's uncle, at the end of the " Golden Girls " series. Smoking Gambling Alcoholism A and B B and C. #9 Dorothy suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. True False. videos Play all Popular Videos - The Golden GirlsThe Golden Girls - Topic. Top 10 Memorable Golden Girls Moments - Duration: Golden girls: Best of Dorothy season 2 - Duration.

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