Money lost gambling u s commercial casino industry 2006

This state should stop all this casino. You can refuse to go to the casino.

Anyway, not really got much to say today. I wish I can go back 10 years in time and never have entered a ac casino tropicana. Countless times I've post my max out the cash money lost only to wait gambling midnight so I could go do the same again. I do understand that you can have moeny wins, but if you keep gambling what;'s the point? Tell the family what you did as an additional repentance for being foolish. I am such a selfish person because of my gambling.

Contrary to what you believe there is another way out of your situation without betting money you really can not afford to lose. Gambling is a luxury that only the rich can afford. Hey xoxgang! In today's vlog Toya and I went to Popeyes and chilled Downtown Chicago. We went to Target to window shop and act silly. I've lost a lot of money gambling. I'll leave you with my quote of the day: Being defeated is temporary. Giving up is permanent.

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