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As Angie Dickenson approached the group, she said, "You all look like a pack of rats".

On May 27—28,Davis hosted with Monty Hall the first annual, hour Highway Safety Foundation telethon. He participated in fast-draw competitions; Johnny Cash recalled that Davis was said to be capable of drawing and firing a Colt Single Action Army revolver in less than a quarter of a second. In he and Lawford. Sammy Davis Jr — You Are My Lucky Star. Bob Fosse's musical Sweet Charity; he also appeared in a number of television. Davis was an enthusiastic shooter and gun owner.

Sammy Davis, Jr.: The Candy Man, Something’s Gotta Give, Love Me Or Leave Me и другие песни. Сэмми Дэвис - младший Sammy Davis, Jr. В году он подписал контракт с Decca Records и выпустил свой первый альбом, озаглавленный как Starring Sammy Davis, Jr. Book on Sammy Davis Jr. written by daughter Tracey Davis (by Swedish actress May Britt.) Story of her relationship with her father the ups and downs of a superstar and his family.8 pages of photos, pages.

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