Why is fantasy sports not gambling the m casino employment

I have no idea.

Markets open in 3 hrs 18 mins Exclusive: Why Sheldon Adelson is against daily fantasy sports Daniel Roberts September 9, Reblog Share Tweet Share Read More Anyone can get addicted to it. And gambling addiction experts have come forward to say this is a particularly pernicious form of gambling. Rather, it is a tournament that often requires an entry fee and results in a prize. However, ganbling poker there is still a good deal of chance because cards are randomly dealt. DFS Starter Guide — Part 1.

“Family Policy Matters” Transcript: Why Daily Fantasy Sports Is Gambling. Introduction: Les Bernal is Executive Director of the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation. He speaks and writes extensively about failed government policies that rely on predatory gambling. Operators of daily fantasy sports want to make the argument that there is so much skill involved in their business, that it is not gambling. Here's why. There are two forms of gambling: passive gambling and active gambling. If you bet on a horse race or a sports game, you are a third party. I know what’s gambling and I know what’s not gambling. And fantasy sports is gambling. As you say, you are in the gambling business. So why are you against daily fantasy? I think it exploits poor people.

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