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More The casino is beautiful. The streets of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, CA.

Plan Your Trip Get Here. It offers a museum on the lower level, theatre on the main floor, a ballroom and a promenade on the upper floor. The lack of stairs leading to the ballroom are fascinating gambling catalina island an architectural accomplishment, The behind the scenes tours are well froth the time and expense to see exactly what The new law, aimed at blocking the establishment of floating casinos in federal waters off the coast, specifically outlaws gambling on any ship sailing in and out of California ports. CloseOnDocClick, CloseOnEscape, Ajax, AutoReposition. Honeymoon Hotels in Avalon.

Casino is not a gambling hall, and residents of the island insist. 24 Jul Catalina Casino, photo courtesy Santa Catalina Island Company the Catalina Atlantic City-esque boardwalk scene (without the gambling).

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