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The Polling area for Approving Onlind will not be open to discussions about the casinos. ECogra provides a seal to online casinos that conform with its standards of fair and responsible gaming and honest payouts. Introduction to Blackjack Games.

Introduction to Blackjack Games. News Advertising Contact Us Approved Members Code of Ethics Members Sites casinosters Tools Approved Programs Code of Ethics Approved Casinos Code of Ethics Code of Ethics. SAFE AND FAIR SEALS. Guide to the G. Therefore eCOGRA cannot assume responsibility for the consequences resulting from the use of any Internet gaming site bearing the eCOGRA Safe and Fair seal. Obviously, everyone hopes apprvoal all will run smoothly regarding your online gaming experience, however, should you encounter problems while playing at an eCogra approved location, you will find that there is somewhere to turn to at eCogra for your questions and queries. After considering possibilities, we realized that the only people who could make a judgment call would be the players themselves.

Approved Casinos. LCB Seal of Approval consists of the most reputable online casinos based on T&Cs, licensing, software & reliability. With all the options out there it can be quite a task to determine which online casinos to be loyal to. Casino Whizz Seal of Approval Casino Whizz is a online casino media site incorporating the latest reviews, tips strategies and news for all things online casino gaming related. OCR conducts tri-monthly audits to the approved brands to make sure that they still meet the seal’s requirements. We were faced with the prospect of determining who was worthy of carry an " Approved Casino " stamp. Considering that Online Casinos are often at the We have therefore set up a system whereby the approval of casinos lies in the hands of the players on a majority rules basis. A vote of 66% in favor.

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